Sunday, 17 March 2013

hmm ;)

Assalamualaikum my readers :) it's been a long time right i don't update my blog ? hehe :D saya terlalu sibuk dgn study semua .saya baru saja habis exam and i also already got my marks for a few  subjects .Alhamdulillah keputusan elok .sc dpt 94% and bm dpt 90% and i'm the highest :D thanks to Allah SWT ,my parents ,my teachers and my beloved friends ^^ syukur kepada Allah kerana memberi kesabaran yang sangat tinggi kepada saya dalam menghadapi cabaran hidup yang pernah saya share sebelum ini .and i'm really happy for my dear ex because he's already found a new girl for himself .i know he's happy with her.Alhamdulillah and i hope that they will last long forever .okay ,stop talking about him :) aaaaa , actually ,i still in a relationship with iqbal .hmm, i'm seriously can't live without him in my life .i need him.but ,he's still with his old attitude .i need the old him ,i love him ,i miss him .sometimes i think whether he's still love me or not .hmm,when i asked him ,he's always told the same things ,he told that he do love me .hmm , i always waiting for his message but i never get it .the reason he gave always 'no credits' .hmm .nevermind ,as long as he's still with me, i can always give a fake smile to everyone .everyday i'll do the same things .hmm , i think that i must curb right now .see you all soon then .bye2 :( Assalamualaikum